About Us

Located in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District, Ultrahealth has provided cutting-edge physical therapy and sports training services for more than two decades. Founded in 1986 by Martha Mattox, Ultrahealth remains a free-standing private practice. The guiding principal of the clinic is to quickly and effectively treat all orthopedic injuries, and, in the process, help every patient realize his or her full physical potential.

Ultrahealth helps you realize your goals by eliminating the obstacles created by physical injury or dysfunction. Ultimately we want you to leave us more active, fitter and stronger than you were prior to sustaining the injury that brought you to us. We give you the care, the tools and the inspiration to make this happen.

The Importance of Physical Therapy

At Ultrahealth we understand the vital role physical therapy plays in healthcare. Physical fitness - as defined by strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning - is without a doubt the single-most important factor affecting your overall health: The fitter the better. The greatest risk associated with maintaining or improving physical fitness is orthopedic injury. Ultrahealth works with you to eliminate or, in the case of a chronic condition, manage your injuries so they no longer present a barrier to a fit and active (healthy) lifestyle or, for that matter, high-level athletic performance.

A Note From the Owner

I started Ultrahealth 26 years ago because I have a passion for physical therapy done right. My work with world-class and professional teams, athletes and dancers over the years has been challenging and fun, and bringing elite athletes back from severe injury to peak performance remains an incredibly rewarding experience. However I've always felt most fulfilled working with patients who have never thought of themselves as athletes; and who, during the course of their care, begin to think of themselves in entirely different ways. Many of these patients go on to do something incredible - run (or walk) their first 5k, bike their first 20 miler, or participate in their first triathlon - after recovering from a serious injury or learning to manage an otherwise debilitating chronic condition. This is what inspires me.


Ultrahealth is closely affiliated with a number of educational and professional institutions, including UCSF, APTA, and USA Swimming. We have stringent continuing education requirements for all our physical therapists as well as regular staff in-services, and we are also a teaching clinic - helping UCSF and other PT schools train their physical therapy students. Ultrahealth provides athletic training and triage services to a number of schools and clubs in the area including University High School, North Bay Aquatics and the Impalas women's running team.