As a courtesy, your claims are submitted to any health insurance plan for which you provide information: We accept all major health plans. Please alert us immediately if your insurance coverage changes while you are being treated. We also accept patients with no health insurance coverage or who choose not to use their health insurance. Please contact our customer service team for additional information.

As an additional courtesy, we call your insurance to verify coverage prior to your first visit, based on the insurance information you provide us. Verification of coverage is not a guarantee of payment - typically coverage is determined by your insurance only after claims have been submitted. Ultrahealth is calling on your behalf to obtain insurance information and cannot be liable for any errors or misinformation. We strongly urge you to contact your insurance plan to obtain coverage, benefits and benefit limitations.

You will be billed for any balances determined to be the responsibility of the patient after your claim has been submitted and paid by your insurance. Co-payments, however, are due at the time of service.

For information on your bill, contact our customer service team at 415-986-4979 or email us at

Methods of Payment

You may submit payments via cash, debit card, check, money order or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Checks and money orders can be mailed to us. Cash and debit cards must be presented to the front desk. Credit cards can be presented at the front desk, or you can call us and pay by phone.
Contracted Insurance Plans

Ultrahealth is a contracted provider for all major PPO health plans, Including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Healthnet, and UnitedHealthcare to name a few. As such we accept contracted rates for patients covered under these plans. We are also Medicare certified.

If you are unsure if Ultrahealth is a contracted provider for your health plan, please contact either your plan or our customer service team.