Matthew Sessions - Published: 05/23/2012

Matt Sessions, full time businessman, full time husband and Dad, became an Ironman, when he finished the FullRev3 Ohio Ironman Triathlon September 9, 2012. The Ironman triathlon included swimming 2.4 miles in Lake Erie, cycling 112 miles through Cedar Point, Ohio roads, and then running a marathon (26.2 miles).

The road getting to Ohio, though, was not an easy one, as in 2011, he was hospitalized right in the middle of training. He then resumed his training in trying to go to France to compete in an Ironman triathlon there. His knee was not happy with the intensity of high distance endurance training that the Ironman requires. He finally succumbed to arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, that had him set his sights for "next year."

Persistance and courage led this Ironman to the finish line. Congrats, Matt!