What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy consists of the clinical application of education, exercise, manual therapy and a variety of machine-based therapies, including electrical-stimulation and ultrasound, to restore and maintain physical function. Care is provided by licensed physical therapists or care-extenders (physical therapy aides and assistants) under the direct supervision of a physical therapist. Clinical goals are established and a treatment plan is formulated by the physical therapist. Patients are treated, progressed and then discharged when clinical goals have been met or will be met through continuation of a home program.

Physical therapists treat all orthopedic injuries and conditions, including surgical and non-surgical. Patients can be either self-referred to or referred by a physician to physical therapy.

The Ultrahealth Difference

At Ultrahealth our goal is to restore and maintain optimal physical function. We provide a level of care and post-care programs that help you bridge the gap between rehabilitation and an active lifestyle.

In addition to licensed physical therapists and aides, our staff includes certified athletic trainers, a massage therapist, and an acupuncturist. We stress a team approach to care and frequently draw on these diverse areas of expertise to insure the best possible outcome. We also work closely with referring physicians to insure coordination of care and optimal results. We might refer you back to your physician - or to one of the many orthopedic specialists we work with if you don't have a referring physician - for further diagnostic testing, e.g. an MRI or X-ray, or for a complete work-up.

When you are ready, we encourage you to resume your activities or sports. And when you are discharged, we insure you have the tools to maintain an active lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are not just 100% recovered, but that you leave us fitter and stronger than you were prior to your injury.

Therapy Customized to Your Needs

We work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored not only to the type and severity of your injury, but also to your individual goals and needs. Then we provide the care and tools you need to meet or exceed your goals. We accommodate how frequently you are able to come in, and we do all we can to find appointment times that are most convenient for you. Your needs always come first.

Our concern is not limited to the clinical care we provide. We help in your transition from rehab to the activities or sports you love to do. If your injury presents any short-term or long-term limitations, we find ways to work around them. We may suggest lower mileage workouts, cross-training, or entirely new activities/sports. If you haven't been very active, we help you become more active - you may even discover your own inner-athlete in the process. When you're discharged, we encourage you to stay active and in-touch. We assist your transition to active independence via our own in-house programs like circuit training, or by putting you in touch with trusted partners in the community.
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